Canadian Payments Forecast 2018A comprehensive review and forecast of consumer payments in Canada


The Canadian payments landscape is undergoing fundamental changes as new technologies vie for the attention of consumers. Shopping habits are shifting as consumers embrace the convenience and functionality offered by smart phones, tablets and an almost ubiquitous internet connection. While mobile is mainstream in many areas, mobile payments are still embryonic. With unprecendented activity in the FinTech space, payments in Canada are likely to be transformed within the next few years.

Canadian Payments Forecast, 2018 examines the Canadian consumer payments market in the context of developments in the Canadian economy and the fundamental shifts taking place in technology. Now in its 9th year of publication, this report will provide in-depth analysis of each of the major consumer payments segments in the Canadian market. Detailed five-year forecasts are presented on consumer payments and related acceptance infrastructure.

This new report from Technology Strategies International Inc. provides a detailed and insightful assessment of the prospects for the Canadian consumer payments market, and is recognized by industry leaders as the most comprehensive, authoritative and independent review of the market available in Canada.

Included in this year's comprehensive update of the report:

  • Selected findings from the 2018 Canadian Consumer Payments Survey, conducted amongst more than 2,000 adult Canadians
  • In-depth analysis of prospects for the Canadian economy, personal expenditure, and the retail sector
  • Analysis and forecast for each major consumer payment segment
  • Key Indicator tables for all major payment modes

A strategic resource for payment professionals, Canadian Payments Forecast, 2018 provides essential in-depth planning information for anyone involved in Canada's payment industry.

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The Future of Virtual Currenciesalternative futures for virtual currencies and underlying technologies

future or virtual currencies - front cover

Virtual currencies promise to be the internet of finance – symbiotic with, and supportive, of the internet of everything. More than 1,700 cryptocurrencies have been developed, of which about 40% are considered active. Bitcoin stands out, both in terms of valuation and mindshare, but it is still early days in this new and dynamic space.

The rapid pace of development, the proliferation of new applications, coupled with uncertain regulatory responses and the potential for disruption across many frontiers make it essential for financial institutions, payment networks, regulators, mobile network operators and technology vendors to keep apprised of the alternative futures that this new era may herald.

How is the future of virtual currencies likely to unfold? This new report from Technology Strategies International Inc. provides detailed and insightful analysis of alternative futures for virtual currencies, and the potential disruptive impact of virtual currency technologies.

The Future of Virtual Currencies addresses the following key questions for senior executives in organizations that may be affected by developments in virtual currency technology:

  • What is really happening beneath the surface in the virtual currency space?
  • What is likely to happen in the future?
  • How should we prepare ourselves for the future?

The Future of Virtual Currencies is an essential in-depth strategic information resource for senior executives in industries that are likely to be affected by the broader adoption of virtual currency technology. To find out more about the report please click here.


new research in-depth analysis and foresight

  • Canadian Consumer Payments Survey, 2018
    This primary benchmark research study, conducted online amongst 2,000 online adult Canadians, examines the payments behaviour and preferences of Canadian consumers. It is the most comprehensive consumer payments survey in Canada, and includes analysis of the awareness, current usage, and future usage intentions for all major forms of consumer payments.
  • Canadian Payments Forecast, 2017
    Contactless payments, mobile payments, online payments, preauthorized credit card payments... Emerging payment technologies are rapidly gaining ground in Canada. Canadian Payments Forecast, 2017 identifies all of the high growth segments in the Canadian market, as well as those in decline. It allows business executives in the payments industry to plan their strategies based on sound market insights.
  • The Future of Virtual Currencies
    While skepticism about the sustainability of virtual currencies is high, there is, increasing recognition that the underlying technology has the potential to disrupt traditional centralized ‘trust’ models and usher in a new era of distributed ‘trustless’ engagement.
  • Mobile payment technology is being hyped as the next big innovation in the payments world. But do consumers need or want a mobile wallet? And what are the key issues? More…

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