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March 12, 2010
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ICT Reports Reveal US$10 billion in Investment Opportunities in African High Growth Markets

London, 12 March 2010 – A new series of reports on the telecom, technology and financing sectors of Ethiopia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe reveal investment opportunities worth up to ten billion dollars and growth prospects averaging 24% over five years.

Investment Opportunities in the ICT Sector Africa : 2010 Volume 1, published today by consulting firms BroadGroup and Technology Strategies International, provide analysis of Ethiopia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, three of Africa’s riskiest yet highest potential markets. The three countries have a combined population of 237 million and teledensity of just 25%. Projected average mobile growth rates over the next five years are 38%, 10% and 24% respectively.

The investment reports are the first to present detailed analyses of the financing environment for the ICT sector in each country. Analysis includes private equity and banking sectors and Investment funds active in infrastructure and related ICT investing as well as existing telecom players, new entrants and upcoming government and private projects.

Sector investment opportunities are identified, which range from micro-financing initiatives for local entrepreneurs, to investments of between US$500m to US$5bn and the report covers diligence activity, government subsidies, national backbone coverage and plans underway to extend infrastructure.

The report aims to enable well-founded investment decisions in the rapidly evolving African ICT sectors.

“The primary objective of the study is to provide an informed assessment of each country’s growth prospects in the ICT sector, banking structure, and key sources of capital,” commented Christie Christelis, President & CEO at Technology Strategies International.  “It also presents market forecasts for each major ICT segment in each country, and key investment opportunities.”

“The countries covered in this first report are among the most challenging for ICT,” commented Dominic Lowndes, managing director of BroadGroup TMT Ventures. “At the same time they represent potential and opportunity for forward looking investors.”

The report is of particular interest to investment and development bankers, venture capitalists and private equity companies, angel investors, institutional investors and corporate investors, who are seeking background, context and strategic analysis, as well as a comprehensive review of the investment environment in each country.

About Technology Strategies International
Technology Strategies International is a leading Canadian technology market analysis and strategy firm based in Oakville, Ontario.  Established in 1995, the company has been analysing emerging market investment opportunities for the past decade. For more information please see www.tsiglobalnet.com/reports.html.

About BroadGroup TMT Ventures
BroadGroup TMT Ventures is an international consulting firm specializing in providing professional advice, creating knowledge platforms through publishing and events and connecting information communities. It has practices in data centres, cloud computing, dark fibre, and TMT finance and investment, with offices in London, Singapore and Buenos Aires. For more information please see www.tmtfinance.com.

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