News - 2005 and earlier

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TSI Appointed by KEDCO to Conduct a Cluster Study
September 15, 2005 – TSI was appointed by the Kingston Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) to conduct a study of three clusters in the City of Kingston, Ontario. The clusters included in the study were ICT cluster, the manufacturing, and the alternative energy cluster.

TSI Completes Competitive Intelligence Assignment on the Health and Wellness Market
May 25, 2005 – TSI completed a Competitive Intelligence Assignment on the Health and Wellness Market in a region of Ontario serviced by a number of Community Care Access Centres. The study addressed the competitive environment in corporate health and wellness and private nursing services and was conducted on behalf of a client that required competitive intelligence to assess the potential and likelihood of success of extending their services in two key markets.

Training on Convergence Technologies and Regulatory issues for Telkom South Africa Ltd
March 3, 2005 – Christie Christelis, President of Technology Strategies International, designed and delivered a five day in-depth training program on Convergence Technologies and Regulatory issues for Telkom South Africa. The course was delivered at the Telkom Training facility in Olifantsfontein, just outside Pretoria, South Africa. The course provided a comprehensive review of the business, technical and regulatory aspects of convergence. The migration path of fixed and mobile operators to Next Generation Networks were analysed and international case studies on how the policy and regulatory aspects of convergence were dealt with in jurisdictions that had embraced convergence were presented. The program was delivered as part of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation’s (CTO) Program for Development Training (PDT) and was provided under contract to Alliances Consulting, a PDT Supplier Member of the CTO.

TSI Conducts Study on Intelligent Systems in Environmental Monitoring and Control Applications for Precarn
February 28, 2005 – Precarn contracted TSI to prepare a discussion paper, conduct a workshop of experts, and prepare a final report on intelligent systems applied to environmental monitoring and control in Canada. The report addressed the following: assessment of the state of the art, identification of key market and technology trends, examination of Canadian strengths and weaknesses in the area and identification of opportunities for further research, development and commercialization. Recommendations were made on priorities for the future. For a copy of the final report please click here.

TSI Contracted to Assist Canadian Manufacturing Agility Forum on Pilot Projects
December 13, 2004 – TSI, in partnership with the Bennington Group, was contracted by the Canadian Manufacturing Agility Forum assist with the pilot implementations of the Manufacturing Advancement Program (MAP) ‘business advancement method’ using a prototype Company Capability and Human Resources Competency Tools developed under MAP. The tools were applied to a company in the aerospace sector.

Christie Christelis Appointed as Member of the European Commission’s Expert Evaluators Panel for FP6
February 25, 2004 – Christie Christelis, President of Technology Strategies International was appointed as a member of the European Commission’s (EC) Expert Evaluators Panel for FP6 Topic ‘Knowledge dynamics and economic and societal development in Europe and its regions’. The purpose of the appointment was to assist the EC in evaluating projects and network integration initiatives proposed by academia in Europe and its regions to develop regional innovation systems that would enhance the European Union’s international competitiveness.

TSI Completes a Major Study on Prospects for the Building Technologies Market in Canada
March 25, 2003 – TSI Completed a Major Study on Prospects for the Building Technologies Market in Canada. The comprehensive market review and forecast examined prospects for, and the competitive environment in the building automation, fire and life safety systems, electronic security systems, energy management systems and integrated building systems markets in Canada. A special theme requested by the client was to assess the impact of accession to the Kyoto protocol on demand for building technologies in Canada.

TSI Conducts Technical Due Diligence Assessment on Satellite Payload Development Company
June 25, 2002 – TSI was contracted to conduct a technical due diligence assessment on a satellite payload development company in an emerging economy. The assignment also required an analysis of government support programs that could be used to mitigate risks in the event that launch schedules could not be met.

TSI Completes a Major Study on the Free-to-Air Satellite Market in 57 Emerging Markets
September 30, 2002 – TSI recently completed a major two-phase study to assess the competitive environment and market potential for free-to-air satellite broadcast services in 57 emerging economies from the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and parts of eastern Europe. The first phase of the project involved a preliminary assessment of the supply structure as well as the market and regulatory environments in each country in order to evaluate market readiness against a set of predetermined criteria. The second phase required a more in-depth assessment of each selected market to determine the market demand, supply structure, demographic profile, regional distribution, household distribution, languages and income distribution of each country in order to assess viewership potential. TSI was contracted by a client in the Far East to undertake this assignment.