News - 2010

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Blogpost: Top ten developments in the Canadian Payments Industry in 2010.
Over the past year the Canadian payments environment has undergone a period of dramatic change. Competition has intensified across most major segments of the industry, EMV migration has gained traction, technological innovation has resulted in new payment mechanisms being developed and rolled out, and regulatory scrutiny of the industry has increased. Here is our assessment of the top ten developments in the Canadian Payments Industry in 2010. Read more…

Blogpost: New Canadian wireless entrants lash out at incumbents
At the Mobile Monday Toronto meeting held on December 6, senior executives of Wind Mobile and Public Mobile sketched the emerging Canadian wireless environment and lashed out at incumbents for their anticompetitive behaviour. The new entrants to the Canadian wireless market were represented by Anthony Lacavera, Chairman of Wind Mobile, and Alex Krstajic, CEO of Public Mobile. In a panel session chaired by Jeff Mucci, Publisher of RCR Wireless, Lacavera and Krstajic highlighted the impact that new wireless entrants have had on the mobile market in Canada. Read more…

Mobile Money Forum - Ottawa
TSI President, Christie Christelis, delivered a presentation on the Future of Mobile Payments in Canada, at the Mobile Money Forum in Ottawa on November 9, 2011. The inaugural Forum, attended by senior executives from across the payment industry, was organized by Neotelis, with TSI appointed as the Analyst Partner. For more information please visit the Mobile Money Forum website.

Canadian Payments Industry Experiences a Year of Unprecedented Change
Contactless debit and credit card payments are rolling our rapidly in Canada, and are likely to account for significant transaction volumes and values by 2014, a new study published by Technology Strategies International predicts.  According to the recently released market research report titled “Canadian Payments Forecast - 2010”, there is also strong interest in mobile payments, although in the short term this is likely to ride on the back of contactless rollout. 

The report, which analysed the impact of the recession on the Canadian payments industry, and which provides comprehensive forecasts for consumer payment instruments, found that consumer payments were remarkably resilient during the recession, with the largest impacts being felt in the value and volume of credit card transactions.  The resilience was a result of growth in personal expenditures, even in the face of declining GDP. More...

TSI President Sits on Africa Business and Investment Panel

The President of TSI, Christie Christelis, served on a panel on ICT investments in Africa at the Canadian Council on Africa's Africa Business and Investment Forum today. The event was attended by 250 dignitaries from around the world, and focused on opportunities in high growth emerging African markets.Mr Christelis' opening remarks identified high growth segments in the IT and telecommunications space in selected African countries.

Is the Time Right for EMV Implementation in the US?

London, 16 March 2010 – The key driver for EMV implementation has, for the most part, been fraud - or the threat of increased fraud. But with an estimated cost of US$10bn for the US to implement EMV, is the time right?

Over the past few decades, financial institutions, transaction acquirers and processors, and merchants around the world have been wrestling with the problem of fraud in the consumer payments system. While cash has its own set of vulnerabilities - and indeed, counterfeiting is on the rise - electronic payments have become widely accepted and have increasingly come under attack by fraudsters. More...

ICT Reports Reveal US$10 billion in Investment Opportunities in African High Growth Markets

London, 12 March 2010 – A new series of reports on the telecom, technology and financing sectors of Ethiopia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe reveal investment opportunities worth up to ten billion dollars and growth prospects averaging 24% over five years. Investment Opportunities in the ICT Sector Africa : 2010 Volume 1, published today by consulting firms BroadGroup and Technology Strategies International, provide analysis of Ethiopia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, three of Africa’s riskiest yet highest potential markets. The three countries have a combined population of 237 million and teledensity of just 25%. Projected average mobile growth rates over the next five years are 38%, 10% and 24% respectively. More…

The Ethiopian Telecommunications Liberalization Agenda Sets Framework for Growth and Investment

The telecommunications market in Ethiopia is on the verge of massive growth, leading to a wide range of investment opportunities in telecommunications and downstream information and communications technology (ICT) segments, according to a new study published by Technology Strategies International predicts. The report, titled “Investment Opportunities in the ICT Sector in Ethiopia: 2010”, predicts that by 2011 the state-owned incumbent, the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC), will have a privatisation timetable in place, and that liberalisation of the mobile market will take place shortly after that. More…

Nigerian ICT Sector Gears Up for Massive Investment

The Nigerian ICT sector is poised for substantial growth, which will attract massive investment into the sector, according to a new study published by Technology Strategies International in partnership with BroadGroup TMT Ventures. The report, titled “Investment Opportunities in the ICT Sector in Nigeria: 2010”, says that even though Nigeria became the largest mobile market on the African continent in 2008, it still has a mobile penetration level of less than 50%, suggesting that there is ample room for expansion of the market. Penetration in the fixed line segment is dismal and there is a vast opportunity to improve internet penetration, the report points out. More…

Zimbabwe Reaches Turning Point and ICT Investment Ramps Up

Zimbabwe has reached a turning point in its destiny and ICT markets in the country are taking off, according to a new study published by Technology Strategies International. The report, titled “Investment Opportunities in the ICT Sector in Zimbabwe: 2010”, says that the Global Political Agreement, as tentative as it is, coupled with the dollarisation of the economy after years of hyperinflation, have resulted in a surge in investment into the ICT sector in the country. More…

Christie Christelis Appointed Chair of the Canada South Africa Chamber of Business

Christie Christelis, President of Technology Strategies International, has been appointed as the Chair of the Canada-Southern Africa Chamber of Business. He has served on the Board of the Chamber for ten years and has been actively engaged in promoting business between Canada and Southern Africa.