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TSI delivers training programs to suit the needs of telecommunications operators, broadcasters, service and content providers, vendors, regulators, training and research institutes, and government agencies. Our focus is on the needs of emerging economies.

Our new ICT Frontiers training programs are at the forefront of developments in the rapidly changing communications world. To find out more about TSI's ICT Frontiers training, please click here.

Most of our programs are custom-built to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We work closely with clients to ensure that our training program designs are relevant, practical, and effective.

TSI is committed to training excellence. Our trainers are subject matter experts. They have many years of relevant practical experience. They have in-depth insight into best practices for emerging economies, and are proficient in adult education. Read some testimonials from delegates at our courses.

TSI also conducts open-registration programs in various locations around the world. To request more information about our scheduled training programs please click here.

In the area of leadership development, we design and deliver accelerated leadership development action learning programs, and international best practices benchmarking programs in association with our partner, The Immersion Lab.

To request more information about any of our training programs please click here.


ict Frontiersnew directions in ICT business, competition and regulation

Our new ICT Frontiers suite of training programs is at the forefront of developments in the rapidly changing communications world.

Our forward-looking research and consulting focus allows us not only to keep abreast of the volatile forces shaping the development of the ICT sector, but also to anticipate where innovation is likely to steer policy, regulation and business.

These courses, seminars and workshops are aimed at preparing operators, vendors and regulators for the road ahead rather than for the road well-travelled. Topics included under the ICT Frontiers suite are:

Mobile Communications

  • Mobile Value-Added Services (VAS): Global trends and emerging business models
  • New Developments in Mobile Regulation: Lessons from developed and emerging economies
  • Dealing with Declining ARPU's: Trends, lessons and opportunities
  • Location as the new Enabler: Location-based Services in a connected world
  • Mobile Content: The power of the third screen
  • Mobile Payments: Trends, best practices and regulatory issues
  • Mobile Remittances: Opportunities for emerging economies
  • Mobile Marketing: Emerging business models and key challenges
  • Social Networking: Opportunities for mobile operators

Converged Communications

  • The Reality of Convergence: Emerging business models and regulatory issues
  • From Single Play to Quadruple Play: The operator's dilemma
  • Interconnection and Convergence: The paradigm shift in communications
  • New Roles for Fixed Line Operators: Switching on the power of convergence
  • Next Generation Networks and mobility
  • IPTV: Challenges and opportunities


  • New Developments in Mobile Regulation: Lessons from developed and emerging economies
  • Broadband and Regulation: Delivering the digital economy
  • Anticompetitive Behaviour in Mobile Markets: Cases and remedies
  • The Reality of Convergence: Market forces and regulatory pressures
  • New Models for Promoting Competition: Lessons from the mobile market and the internet
  • Universal Service and Access in the Digital Age: Inclusion in a converged world
  • Unified Licensing: Global best practices
  • Interconnection in a Converged World: New models, new rules
  • The Future of ICT Regulation: Preparing for a new world
  • Best Practices in Spectrum Management: Capitalizing on the digital dividend
  • Numbering in the Digital Age: Challenges and opportunities
  • Price Regulation: New models for enhancing competition


  • ICT Sector Development for Emerging Economies: From policy to strategy
  • ICT4D in a Broadband World: Creating digital wealth
  • ICT Competition and Regulation: New approaches to harnessing the power of ICTs
  • Developing Broadband Policy: Challenges and opportunities for emerging economies
  • Building Innovative Information Economies: Leveraging economic potential
  • Clusters and Innovation: The pillars of successful cluster development
  • Empowering the National Regulatory Authority: From policy to effective implementation
  • Foreign Ownership of Telecom Firms: Promoting competition and containing influence

To find out more about TSI's ICT Frontiers training, please contact us by clicking here.



“The course was informative, educational and empowering. It will help us to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the regulator.” – South Africa

“Presentations were always followed with relevant group exercises, which reinforced and crystallised concepts.” – Kenya

“The course forced us to think 'outside the box' because we had to put on the cap of our competitor!” – South Africa

“There was lots of discussion generated by the trainer to focus on our situation, which gave us insight into how to move forward vigorously.” – Fiji

“The course had a good flow, and the trainer's methods were excellent!” – Cameroon

 “An excellent, practical course. Thank you!” – South Africa

“The interactive exercises made the course very lively and made us understand complex topics like LRIC and unbundling.” – Mauritius

“The trainer's teaching methods were very effective in making his presentations stick in our memory!” – Kenya

“It was an eye-opener, and created an awareness of what is happening in the ICT industry lately.”
South Africa

“The case studies were very thought-provoking and largely supplemented the lectures." – Mauritius

“The approach was very learner-centred and the discussions and topics covered were very relevant.” – Kenya

”The trainer’s method of teaching allowed participants to understand the complex issues around interconnection, and was very stimulating.” – South Africa