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Payments Industry Research

Identify market opportunities and chart your course through disruptive developments in the Canadian payments industry using our comprehensive, independent and insightful research into the consumer payments market in Canada.


Unleash the potential of your organization by enlisting our strategic research-based insight. Draw on our independent expertise to support the development of business cases for your new ventures and implement organizational improvements.

Technology Foresight

Develop strategies to harness the forces of disruption in your industry. Draw on our 30+ years of experience in helping organizations navigate the impact, risk and opportunities presented by a highly dynamic technology environment.

Custom Research

Design your research projects to ensure actionable insights form the foundation of your strategy. Draw on our extensive international experience in project management, market research design and execution, and strategy development.


Define and refine your business case and requirements in the light of new payments technologies. Gain insight into the practical aspects of implementation through our in-depth training programs in payments technologies and related areas, developed in partnership with the Secure Payments Academy and VCS Technologies Inc.

Predictive Analytics

Move beyond using market ressearch information as a simple reflection of the past. Invoke our deep expertise in predictive analytics to unlock insights that profoundly influence your strategy.

Recent Projects

Live Captioning Research

Continuing on from our previous User Experiences of Live Captioning Research, TSI was engaged to deliver a project, in collaboration with Toronto Metropolitan University's Inclusive Media and design Centre, to examine how Deaf and Hard of Hearing users experienced different approaches to live captioning of fast-paced sports (specifically ice hockey and basketball).

The project involved using eye-tracking research coupled with qualitative interviews to gain insights into how users comprehended the video clips that they were shown with different captioning techniques, and which parts of the screen drew their attention (captions vs. gameplay) at different moments of each of the games.

The project was funded by the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund, and governance was provided by stakeholders from consumer advocacy groups for Deaf and Hard of Hearing users, the captioning industry and broadcasters.

Visit the Live Captioning Canada Website

Canadian Payments Insights

Canadian Payment Insights provides clients and subscribers with an unparalleled and comprehensive range of primary research and in-depth analysis on the payments industry in Canada.

Visit Canadian Payments Insights

Benchmarking Machine Learning Algorithms

TSI was engaged to conduct a benchmarking study to compare performance of vendor machine learning algorithms used to provide guidance to clients in the approval and rejection of e-commerce transactions. The algorithms were focused on providing indicators of trust/risk associated with consumer identity in e-commerce transactions.

The assignment involved assessing the performance of each algorithm with indepdendent samples of 100,000 data records for each, based on real historical data from their transaction pool.

Several AI/ML benchmark metrics were applied to assess relative performance, including the development of ROC curves, PR curves, associated AUC analyses and optimal threshold performance zones for the different algorithms evaluated.

Recent Research


“We engaged Christie Christelis, President of TSI, to undertake a board level investigation for us. Christie possesses a unique blend of deep industry knowledge, insightful analytical skills, and an ability to connect with any leadership team. We were delighted not only to benefit from his advice and guidance, but also to build an ongoing relationship with outstanding results.”

Loudon Owen
Former CEO & Chairman: Posera

“TSI has been one of our most trusted payments insights partners for over ten years. The company provides superb customer service and valuable insights that has continually improved our understanding of our industry.”

Michael Tompkins
Lead, Policy & Research: Payments Canada

“TSI helped us achieve our most successful product launch to date despite the short timelines. We greatly appreciate how quickly TSI grasped our business from both a technical and commercial perspective to make meaningful launch contribution.”

Kurt Rohmann
Director, Growth Accelerator Team: Qualitrol
  • Mobile Payments Innovation – An Agent-Based Model

    6th Annual Payments Canada and Bank of Canada Joint Payments Research Symposium was held in Ottawa on November 29, 2019. At this event Christie Christelis presented a paper on using agent-based modelling to gain insights into the diffusion of mobile payments innovations.

  • Retail Payments Tokenization - Who are the Real Winners?

    The retail payments tokenization offerings by Visa, MasterCard and to a somewhat lesser extent by Interac, represent a significant expansion of their reach into traditional merchant, issuer and processor territory. Understanding how the game of stakeholders plays out is critical to successful implementation of tokenization.

  • Research Program to Improve the Quality of Live Captioning in Canada

    A series of research projects conducted in association with Toronto metroplotican University covering user preferences research for live captioning, play-by-play captioning in live sports and speed/accuracy/delay tradeoffs in live captioning using idderent captioning methods. Please visit the Live Captioning Canada to find out more about these programs and download research reports.

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